Whether it be a DIY project fresh off pinterest or calling in designers and contractors to bring your dream home (currently drab) into a reality, renovating is a big decision that can affect many aspects of your life.  The reasons to start may differ, but all people considering a renovation share the unsatisfactory feeling when a home is just not up to their standards. When done smartly and correctly, renovations reap many benefits, improve lifestyle and provide peace of mind for the long run.


Increase the Value of your Home

Kitchen & Bath Main Pic

Considering the property value of your home is a smart-cookie thing to do especially if you have eventual plans to put your house on the market. Deciding to invest in home improvements to increase the value is a common reason why people decide to dive into renovations. Re-vamping a kitchen or bathroom can boost the value significantly as people tend to gravitate toward those areas when looking to buy. If you manage to effectively add a bathroom or bedroom, you’ve basically hit a home run. When the value is the main thing considered, it’s very important to keep certain personal preferences out of your designs because not everyone likes purple and some may not want that football-themed entertainment room (man cave).

Financial Benefits through Eco-Friendly Upgrades


It’s a beautiful thing that making environmental friendly choices has become more popular in today’s society. Some choose 2 wheels over 4 and bike to work on their vintage-styled cruiser in the morning. Others make sure to flash the burlap bags they brought from home when visiting the local Planet Organic to pick up their favourite all-natural laundry soap. Many people however, are doing their going-green duties through upgrading certain parts of their homes. Ok, so you probably won’t be able to plop a wind turbine onto your roof but replacing old, money-draining appliances with new, efficient, ecological ones leads to less wasted energy and resources and of course, those shiny tax breaks. Lower utility bills and tax breaks? Yes please. It doesn’t stop at appliances however, knocking down walls to create open concepts and loading up on triple glazed, large windows allows for increased natural lighting. Lowering your negative impact on the environment is always a plus, and everyone knows the huge savings you get from LED lights!

Deciding to Put Your Roots Down


So the neighbourhood is great, the good schools are close, but the house is just…meh. Being satisfied with the location of your home and planning to spend long ‘forevers’ in it is a big reason people decide to renovate. Turning a house into a home that is suitable for your family is mostly always probably a great idea. Every family is different and wonderful in their own way so why should your house be any different? Instead of looking for another place and contributing to suburban sprawl, you can take the home you have and utilize every inch and cranny you can find. Thinking far down the road and preparing for retirement is also a push to renovate because we all have to accept the fact that one day we might have to sit down to shower (I’m looking at you young person in denial).


A Change is Needed


It’s human nature to always seek change and alteration, and its no secret that we are all wonderfully strange and different in our owns ways. Maybe a life changing event has occurred such as marriage/divorce, death or a new family member, or perhaps you’ve been inspired to refresh things and try something new. Regardless of the reason, renovations can help close a chapter and offer a fresh, blank, lightly-lined page for you to start writing the next story. If the option is there to finally make that place of yours the way you want it, go for it. The desire to hold bragging rights for how awesome your house looks is a reoccurring reason people want to renovate. Who knows, you might even get around to finally having that dinner party that you couldn’t before because of your, you know, crippling shame and embarrassment.

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