Get a New Look With Vintage Decor

The act of refreshing your home with new decor is an exciting task due to the obvious fact that everyone has their own unique taste. Some may be comfortable displaying a room identical to a trendy, up to date catalogue down to the throw cushions and door knobs. Other’s boast new unique designs dreamt up in their own, imaginative heads to express their desire to be completely (but stylishly) apart from the mainstream. Finally, there are those who find beauty in aged and used material which has been hunted down from frequent trips to antique stores and thrift shops, saving them from a life collecting dust and bringing their wonderful tackiness into stylish homes. There is a sense of magic and wonder found in styling a piece of furniture older than you alongside your day to day necessities, and there are many ways to do so while keeping your home trendy and current:


So you have fallen in love with a piece of furniture you have found at the local antique store but it just doesn’t fit in with the current style of the room…fear not Thrifty Shopper, you might just be able to get a second chance with a can of paint! You can turn it into a statement piece with bold colours, or keep it subtle with neutrals. Fabric looking a little worn? Visit the idea of reupholstering to give it your own design and touch to fit in with your decor.

Statement Pieces

Having a bold decor is easily done using vintage items. Riddled with charm gained through the years you can easily use a few pieces to be the focal point of the room, allowing the simplicity of keeping everything else minimal. By having the contrast you are able to keep the room looking clean and styled without creating a cluttered, clashing feel. Bottom line is; embrace loud decor.

Controlled Clutter

It’s fun to work with vintage pieces so don’t be afraid to indulge in the quirkiness. If you’ve acquired a few pieces, arrange them in a unique but orderly way that still injects the essence of interest into your home. Create a collage of picture frames on a blank wall, or put plants into unusual containers. Don’t hold back and let your imagination roam free with your antiques, and yes people need to know how unique and fun you are.






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