Updates3 Tips To Keep You Sane If Renovating Over The Holidays

December 15, 2016

Discover 3 tips to keep you sane for a stress-free holiday home renovation. Stay calm and enjoy a festive makeover!


The Holiday Season brings joy, excitement, and festivities. Unfortunately these festivities also tend to take away order and tranquility which in turn takes away sanity.  Renovations during this time definitely do not help. When you aren’t able to pack up and take off to celebrate, there are ways to keep your renos running smooth during these merry times;


Consider the Timeline of Your Renovations

Prior to your renovation, it’s important to plan ahead so you are prepared for all the special events that may be affected. Take the time to carefully consider decorations, ornaments, wrapping paper, and anything else you may need to carry out regular traditions. Store them in an easy to access area that’s out of the way and safe from all the commotion.


Make Sure The Contractors are ‘In The Loop’

Set up schedules for the tradespeople to ensure that everyone is kept happy over the Holidays. Let them know what events you may be planning for, and any visitors that may be frequenting your property. Decide on reasonable deadlines for certain projects, and determine if others need to be paused. Remember that the workers may also be caught up in their own Holiday excitement and it would be nice to leave the surprise and mystery for the presents under the tree.


Don’t Hold Back On Tradition

It is the Holidays after all, so when assessing your disrupted space, remember to be merry and instead of giving up… get creative! Cover unwanted sites with ivy and wreaths, and fill your home with candles and fairy lights to create a cozy feel. Clear a space on your bare floors to set up a tree, and cover surfaces with bright table cloths. Plug in wall air-fresheners with familiar, traditional smells and keep the festive music playing (as long as you can stand it). Try to relax and keep things fun, I’m sure Santa won’t mind if you have the fireplace channel on instead of the real thing… as long as the mild and cookies are left out.


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