ArticlesHow a She Shed Can Give You Extra Space

July 30, 2020

Are you running out of room at home and desperate for a little bit of space of your own? Sometimes there’s just no more space in the home, and building an addition isn’t an option. What do you do? She Sheds aren’t just a last resort, they’re a great idea even if you do have space in your home. Here’s how a She Shed can give you extra space, or space of your own to enjoy.

What is a She Shed?

She Sheds are dedicated spaces designed for women that are disconnected from the home (like a shed). Instead of storage, though, they can be used as a workspace, additional living area, craft room, or business hub. Many women are turning to She Sheds are a way to ‘get away’ without actually having to leave the home. They offer some privacy and separation from the family, and a space that is just hers and hers alone.

How a She Shed can give you extra space

A She Shed is basically a small home addition that’s situated away from the home. Many people choose to convert existing outbuildings into She Sheds, but you can also construct a new structure. They can be built to any size, but most commonly you’ll see them ranging from 6′ x 6′ right up to 12′ x 20′ depending on your needs.

She Sheds can be used for almost anything you can imagine. A lot of women use them as a hang out spot, but with so many people working from home right now they also make a great alternative to a home office.

What utilities are usually in a She Shed?

That all depends on your budget and needs. Just with with any outbuilding, it’s possible to run electricity, water, and even add a furnace or wood stove to heat the building. Some people choose to run power to their She Sheds, while others get around that by running an extension cord from their home’s exterior plugs. Depending on what you plan to use the She Shed for, you may not need any power at all.

Bathrooms are uncommon in She Sheds, but it may be possible to add one in some circumstances.

Can you use a She Shed in the winter?

This is something most Canadians need to take into consideration when building a She Shed. Are you going to be needing to use the structure in the winter, or is it going to be a 3 season cabin? Winter-friendly She Sheds will need be properly insulated, sealed, and heated. You’ll also need a source of heat: a gas furnace, electric heater, or wood burning stove are all great options.

If you plan on using your new She Shed as a home office substitute, you’re going to want to make sure it can be used year round.

What to consider before building a She Shed

  • Make sure you are aware of any bylaws preventing you from building outbuildings
  • Obtain any necessary permits before constructing a new build
  • If you’re upgrading an existing outbuilding, ensure that the building is in good shape structurally
  • What will you be doing in your She Shed? Can your plans accommodate that?
  • Do you need to hire any professionals to handle the building, wiring, etc?

How much does a She Shed cost to build?

Pricing will depending on your unique circumstances, such as converting an existing structure or building new, utilities, size, and extras. An avid DIYer can sometimes upgrade existing buildings on their own. But, if you do decide to hire a professional and live in the Calgary area, please contact us for a quote.

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