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October 27, 2021

One of the services we offer here at Artisan Kitchen & Renovation is a whole home renovation. But what exactly does that mean for you?

A whole home renovation is where we renovate multiple rooms in a home and it often includes updated features throughout common areas like flooring, paint, and lighting. Most total home renovations that we complete include paint and flooring as well as the kitchen, main living areas, and the primary bedroom/bath.

Why Choose a Whole Home Renovation?

Remodeling your whole home is going to need a larger budget than just doing the kitchen, but it might be worth splurging the extra to do the whole reno at once. Here’s why:

Everything Gets Done at Once

This is probably the best perk of choosing a whole home remodel. Rather than dealing with multiple home renovations you can complete everything at once. From a homeowner perspective it could be more inconvenient than remodeling just one room at a time, but you end up with less overall disturbance. It’s like ripping off a band aid – only at the end you have a (almost) brand new home to enjoy.

Another benefit to doing it all at once is our contactors can work more effectively since we can complete multiple jobs from trades at once throughout the home.

A Cohesive Look

When we design a whole home renovation we make sure the entire space flows together while reflecting your unique style and taste. That means the home will have a completed feeling to it as you move from room to room. Every area of your home will feel professionally designed and luxurious.

It Feels New

With the housing market still being hot this is a great time to plan a whole home renovation in the Calgary area. If you were thinking of moving but find that housing is too pricey at the moment, a remodel can give you that new home feeling. Usually a renovation is less costly than moving. Plus you don’t need to leave an area you love!

A professional renovation service is also great if you’re planning to sell your home, too. The ROI on renos, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, is usually better than the cost to remodel when it comes time to sell your home.

You Can Solve Layout Problems

If you’re renovating multiple rooms it’s much easier to reimagine the space entirely than if you’re working with a smaller area. It’s not uncommon for us to remove walls to open up rooms (especially in older homes), change the layout of the space entirely, or even add a small addition that creates much needed extra space.

Major renovations like this often require new flooring, painting, and other updates so it’s a opportunity to update other areas at the same time.

The Renovation Actually Gets Completed

Most of us have at least basic home renovation skills. Even the most experienced DIYer can run into problems with their home reno, though. Whether you need help tackling big problems (like structural changes) or just don’t have the time to get to all your projects, our renovation team can step in and get things done. We know living through a renovation can be challenging, but our team of designers, contractors, and tradespeople work together to complete things as quickly as possible.

Whole Home Renovation Gallery

These pictures are from a whole home remodel we completed in Calgary, AB. See more pictures on our Houzz page.


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