TipsHow to Improve Your Work From Home Space

July 27, 2020

When COVID-19 shut down most businesses a lot of us were forced to start working from home. Many employers have been extending that indefinitely, and even permanently. Even if you have found yourself back at the office, a second wave of infections might send you back home again too. So, if you’re working from home short or long term, you’ll probably will want to improve your work from home space.

How to Improve Your Work From Home Space

Working from home definitely has its own set of challenges and perks. On the plus side, you don’t have to deal with a commute to and from work, there’s no need to pack a lunch, and you don’t have to dress for the office (unless you have a lot of Zoom calls). Downsides, though, include being less productive and having to get creative with your workspace.

You might also be craving more separation between work and home life. If work is spread out on your kitchen table, for example, you might find it tough to ‘turn off’ at the end of the day. Especially when you (literally) have to stare at unfinished projects in the evening.

Here’s some ideas on how to improve your space to better accommodate working from home.

Designate a dedicated work space

You might have to get creative, but it’s really important to find a space in your home that can just be for work. If there isn’t an entire room available, consider finishing a portion of your basement, building a nook under the steps, or getting creative with your living areas to fit a desk in.

For those who want something more permanent, a home renovation or addition can give you much needed additional space. Another option is to build something in your yard, like a separate home office or ‘she shed’ that you can work in.

Working from home with your family around can be challenging.  Having a door or separation can help stop those unwanted interruptions. It also means more privacy for phone calls, zoom meetings, etc.

Transform existing spaces

If you already have a home office (or space that can become one) then it’s important that you actually enjoy the space. That means having an organized, tidy, and productive home office that you can work in. Your work office might not be all yours, but your space at home can be!

Changing your paint, updating lighting, and adding built in storage can have a huge impact on your home office. That, in turn, will have an impact on your mood and productivity throughout the day.

Have plenty of light

It’s rare to find a home office that offers great natural light and is also well lit for those cloudy days. Especially if you find yourself working in the basement! If your budget allows, seriously consider adding or upgrading the windows in your office area. Natural light is great for productivity and your overall mood. If your usual work office doesn’t have a lot of lighting, this can be a nice perk to working from home, too.

If windows (or updates) aren’t an option, then plan paint colours and furniture to give the room as much light as possible. Then upgrade your light fixtures with ones that offer great lighting, but aren’t too harsh.

Plan out essentials

Something else people run into when working from home is a lack of plugins, poor wifi quality, or no phone line in their space. Don’t forget the little things when planning out a home office upgrade or renovation. If you hire a renovation company, make sure they have a team of tradespeople who can help you improve your space based on work needs.

Common upgrades include: Extra plug ins, running phone or internet lines into your home office (and concealing them), and adding additional lighting.

Get some help

If you’re stumped on how to best use your existing space, or you don’t want to complete a home renovation yourself, consider hiring someone to help. At Artisan Kitchens and Renovations, we work with our clients to creative beautiful, and practical spaces in their homes. This includes upgrading home offices, finishing basements, or renovating living spaces to better accommodate your family’s needs.


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