Renovations6 Staircase Renovations Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

April 11, 2022

Looking for amazing Staircase Renovations Ideas ? This post will cover everything you need to know!

In many multi-story homes, the staircase often acts as a centerpiece in the design. It’s not uncommon for them to be situated in the foyer, meaning the stairs are usually the first thing you see when you enter a home. It’s not just grand entrances, though; most bi-levels open right to stairs running up and down. Don’t neglect the stairs! Here are some staircase renovations we’ve done in the past to help inspire your next project.

Staircase Renovations to Inspire Your Next Project

Whether it’s updated flooring, a new stair runner, or fresh paint, a staircase renovation can make your entire foyer look grand and polished. All of these staircase renovations were done for happy customers in the Calgary area by the team here at Artisan.

Wood Floor Staircase With Runner

Dark wood curved staircase with thin guard rails and white walls. There is a grey carpeted stair runner along the middle. The design is carried through to the upper level.

The walnut flooring of this staircase compliments the surrounding flooring that’s carried through on both the lower and upper levels. The thin railing gives a more open feeling on the beginning of the stairs, and we used a complementary dark hand rail where the staircase becomes enclosed to maintain the high-contrast look.

Finally, a customized runner was added to the staircase that compliments the design. Runners are helpful on hardwood staircase to add extra traction and help protect this high-traffic area.

Beautiful Wood Stairs

Renovated staircase with dark wood flooring covering all parts of the staircase

These stairs were complement updated to carry the new flooring. Notice all parts of the staircase including the risers, treads, and stringers have been fitted with flooring. This creates a high-end, polished, traditional look for the staircase.

This staircase was part of a renovation for a family who appreciated wood. The lighter toned wood in the railing compliments the kitchen, which is open to this area.

Modern Staircase Inspiration

Modern staircase design with light wood treads, white risers, and black trim/railings. The guard rail is clear glass enclosed in black trim.

Situated in a somewhat awkward location, this staircase is a natural focal point in the home and had to be designed to match. The entire floor of this home was given a modern facelift, with black, grey, and white elements carried through the kitchen, living room, and hallway. Besides the contrasting colours, what really makes this staircase feel modern is the clear glass railing.

Basement Staircase Renovation

Basement staircase where the basement flooring is carried up the stairs. Wood balusters are spaced on the railing to make it look more open.

If you’re planning on renovating or finishing your basement, don’t neglect the staircase! When our team updated this basement family room we also carried the flooring up the basement stairs for a cohesive look. Since basement stairs tend to feel boxy we utilized an coordinating open railing to make it feel more open.

Carpeted Staircase

Carpeted staircase with wrought iron balusters and wood railing/posts.

If you have carpeting upstairs it’s not unusual to carry that down the staircase. Carpet can soften the staircase, something some home owner prefer over hardwood. Wrought iron railings are a great way to make a staircase feel more open, and don’t be afraid to use them even in a small stretch like we did here.

Grand Entrance Staircase Renovation

Renovated curved staircase with carpeted stairs, wood trim that matches the hardwood flooring in the living room, and wrought iron balusters for an open look

When the staircase is the first thing you see it should pack a punch. When we renovated this foyer, we also updated the staircase to coordinate with the rest of the main level. While we used Carrara marble tile in the front entrance (tile is easier to clean and more resistant to water, great for our Canadian winters), the wood in the staircase railing, posts, and side trim was chosen to compliment the new flooring in the other parts of the home.

By continuing the wrought iron railing to the upstairs area a feeling of openness was created which gives the illusion of the space feeling larger than it is.

Staircase Renovations From Artisan Kitchens & Renovations

If you liked any of these staircase renovation ideas, or have some ideas of your own, we can help. We specialize in all size renovations, whether you just want to update the stairs or transform your entire home.

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