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November 14, 2016

When personalizing your home, choosing colour schemes can be an exciting but sometimes complicated process. This is due to the fact that colours bring out different moods and feelings, known as ‘Colour Psychology’. Applying a colour to an area should be done keeping in mind the way people will be using that room and how the shades will affect their well being. Here are examples of the 3 primary colours and their possible effects:



Psychologists believe that looking at the colour red can increase your pulse, heart rate and overall blood pressure, making it a very stimulating and exciting choice for colour. Reds should be used in rooms that want to encourage activity and socialization such as dining rooms or living rooms. Different shades of red can prompt even more specific feelings from intimacy to energy, so this should be kept in mind when choosing to include this bold colour.



The colour yellow is usually associated with happiness and optimism, used to lift spirits and promote a friendly environment. This makes it a tempting choice when considering a new paint colour in your living room, right? No! Take care because too much of this seemingly innocent colour can in fact bring out fear and anxious feelings, which is not good in a baby’s room. Yellow should be used in healthy, moderate amounts to keep the desired positive effect alive.



Considered to be ‘the favourite colour’ of most people, blue can be seen as a non-threatening colour. With the reassuring, trusting affect it has, this colour is commonly used by companies to encourage the client’s confidence. Blue is also a colour of serenity and calmness, so use it to create soothing  areas in your home. However, too much of the wrong shade of this colour can promote sad feelings and even make a room feel cold and uninviting.

As you can see when analyzing the 3 Primary colours, Colour Psychology is an important aspect.  If you consider how many choices we have in the world of colour, careful thought should be given so that the desired effects are achieved.


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